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I am new here

I have eating disorders my whole life. Most of my life it was binge eating. When my first wife came down with terminal cancer it switched to Binging and Purging. The purging is due to having had the lap band put in year before my first wife got sick. I lost all my weight she got sick and so the cycle of binging and purging. started. I have since remarried to a wonderful women. but I have gained all my weight back. I am in treatment but need more support


Hi there!! Welcome to the forums and thank you so much for your post! I hope that I can be of some help for you!

It sounds like you have fought through many an emotional storm. No one deserves to have experienced what you have, however I know that you have become stronger through all these things!! It is great that during this current time of struggle that you have sought out treatment! This time of professional support will be of great help!

But I can definitely can emphasize with needing to get other forms of support as well! Is there anything in particular you think treatment is not adequately supplying you in? You are more than welcome to discuss those things here on the forums? Another great way to talk about things is through a support group. Have you considered attending an eating disorder support group? If you are not sure where to find one, the NEDA Helpline is a great way to discover resources in your area!! All you need to do is call 1-800-931-2237 and a representative will be there to help you find support groups in your area!!

Another different form of support is the NEDA Navigator program!! A Navigator is a trained volunteer who has experience in recovery. A Navigator provides free, private advice and support for you! I think Navigators are a great tool to receive personal advice, almost like advice given by a good friend! If you would like to learn more about asking for a Navigator, here is a link!

I hope this is a great place to start our conversation! Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Stay strong!!


Thanks for responding I will try to call NEDA in the next few days.



yea if you want help I'd suggest asking a specific question. Some people never get over their eating disorders, but once you get to the root cause of your behaviors you can more easily tackle it. I'm a medical student an a blogger and an ex-orthorexic (almost developed bulimia myself too) and have found that the fear of getting fat is one of the root causes for many people.

Accepting that fat is good, that you are not determined by your body weight/body fat percentage, and that being at a normal weight is healthier than being at an anorexic weight can help a lot.

new to the forum and need support

I'm a 20-something guy recovering from anorexia. There are not any support groups in my area, so my therapist suggested that I try an online forum. My recovery is going well, but I am dealing with a lot of feelings of guilt and shame over the disorder. I feel guilty for becoming controlled by it and causing pain and stress for my family. I also feel shame and embarrassment over being a male recovering from anorexia. I'm afraid that if I let anyone know, they won't accept me, or worse, I would be criticized or made fun of for it. Is this a common feeling among any other guys? How have you dealt with these feelings?


I'm glad that you were able to find the forums. I'd suggest making a new thread for yourself on either this board or the Maintaining Recovery one. Unfortunately guilt is not uncommon with eating disorders. That being said you've definitely found yourself in the right place. NEDA has a lot of good resources. Here's a few that I've personally come across:

NEDA also has a helpline if you're interested in speaking to a volunteer: 1-800-931-2237

Thanks, Adage. I meant to

Thanks, Adage. I meant to start a new thread but accidentally just added to this one. Thanks for the resources.

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