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catching up

Well, it seems like I have been out of the loop for EVER. But it has really only been about ten days. The new med given to me to stabilize my mood was one I was already on and had to discontinue due to serious nausea but I didn't remember that until I realized it after I got home. I was dressed, make up on, hardly ever wear make up, dressed real cute, did my hair and walked over to my parents house three houses away and almost didn't make it as the nausea overtook me. Back to bed I went, no 80th birthday celebration for my friend and neighbor. I slept almost all day.

I was able to see my therapist today which was nice but Christmas and New Year's both fall on a Monday. I am trying as she is to squeeze me in if she has cancellations. I can not go two weeks without seeing her.

I am doing pretty well. Have to talk with a pastor with my Mom about something that occurred several or many years ago, he may not even remember it but I do and it hinders me from wanting to go there but I do for certain events and my parent's go all the time. My sister and I are getting along very well. I hope all of you are taking it easy, not beating yourselves up and walking the path of recovery. You guys take care.
Your friend, iwanttolive

Hello :-)

I'm sorry the medication made you feel that way. Are you feeling better today? I'm glad you are doing better emotionally. It's never fun when your emotions are kind of off kilter. And I'm sorry for whatever happened at your church. You're brave for wanting to talk about it.
I was sexually assaulted about 10 years ago by a guy I met at church. After, I wrote a 3 page letter to the pastor and all they did was talk to him. Nothing was done. Of course since I was wearing lingerie and allowed him to get me drunk and it happened in my room in my apartment (which is where I got raped 6 months later in the same scenario 6 months later.)

I will be praying for you.