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Help Convincing Daughter to Enter Treatment Again

Hi, this is my first post here. My 14 year old daughter first exhibited signs of an eating disorder when she turned 13 and decided to become a vegan. Since then, she has progressively lost weight and become more anxious and depressed. She has been in outpatient as well as inpatient treatment. However, she is now refusing any sort of treatment. She is not medically or mentally unstable at the moment, but we are afraid of where this is going if left untreated. I am looking for suggestions regarding how to convince a child who doesn't want help that she actually needs it to survive. Any ideas that have worked for anyone here would be most appreciated.

Help convincing.

You mentioned that she seems increasingly anxious and depressed. While she may not be interested in seeing her food issues challenged, it's possible that she may want to get help for her anxiety and depression.

So those are two things that you might want to stress now, and where the two of you may find common ground.