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Vacation but scared to go home

On vacation having a good time except body image issues and feeling like I am eating too much. I also am scared to go home as my roommate hates me for moving out when I told he she said basically we are not friends anymore. It hurts but we have grown apart as it is but it still hurts...and it will be awkward I am so scared and I feel I need to go home and restrict I feel fat and gross...

Good Luck on traveling

Enjoy the holidays and keep your mind busy w/ fun things not negative self talk and anorexic fantasies.....

Thanks I know I am enjoying

Thanks I know I am enjoying my vacation but home will be awkward with my roommate I had been doing well following my meal plan but am scared to do so when I get home for fears of gain and hopes of feeling better


I am glad you are enjoying your vacation! And you have been able to keep up with your meal plan despite the ED thoughts that creep in. Just want to remind you that those are lies, it's ED telling you that restricting will solve the problem. It will not make the awkwardness of the roommate situation disappear. I know going home will be uncomfortable, but keep journaling, using coping skills, & seeking support. You are continuing to make so much progress and you will get through this messy situation as well. It is all temporary <3 Keep us posted.

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for your kind words. I feel I gained a ton on this vacation which is making me uncomfortable like I am disgusted by how my body looks I hate my body always but it's like double I know I am supposed to gain anyway but I feel gross and I hate the thought of going home to the mess

I'm sorry you're not feeling

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Try to remember though, that's all that is; a feeling. It's just your ED trying to get the better of you. You know better. And it sounds like you're working so hard to keep it that way. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to focus on that feeling. Instead, keep enjoying your well-earned vacation. You are doing so well. I'm sorry your home situation is less than ideal now as well. But remember, as long as you keep taking care of yourself and crushing those nasty thoughts, you'll be in a far, far better place soon. I know you can do it.
Stay strong and lots of love,

Thanks for the support. My

Thanks for the support. My roommate is being oddly nice to me after a harsh text but I am just going with it. I just found out I lost my disability I do work full time but make not much money to pay for my appointments and I am moving so I was going to cut down anyway I just hope not more then I already is going to be tight and that means in a year I will probably lose my moms insurance and my work insurance is I will be stressed about money and how to deal...

You're handling your situation well

hermione3: you are in a stressful situation, dealing with ED, roommate and money. However, I've noticed you've been able to clearly identify the challenges you are facing, and that alone demonstrates your capability, and that with thought and planning you will handle these challenges. I believe you will. You sound committed and determined. I wish you the best.

thank you for the support. i

thank you for the support. i have a wonderful treatment team. all agree i need to be in a better place when i move food wise like in a routine of normal eating so its not as hard to adjust to two things. saw my doctor who went over my blood work it was mostly good a few things high cholesterol caused by my anorexia and high liver enzymes and one other thing she said was high and i need it checked again soon. I am highly dehydrated she even made me drink something while there because my heart rate was so high and she said i really need to drink more it is too much stress on my heart and being dehydrated is not good. everyone is pushing me on my team and i see my therapist Saturday and psychiatrist next week so I am being pushed in every direction to do better I am trying and doing my best.its a challenge but hard to get back on meal plan after vacation...