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So sad...

Last night I found out one of my softball coaches died I am so heartbroken I don't want to eat I know I have to but I just feel like I need to restrict I feel too much and this time of year is already hard... it's so easy to go backwards on the progress I have made I just feel so sad it's just not fair he was a great guy and not that old. I don't know details yet but I am just lost he was a great support one of the few men in my life that did not hurt me. He even nominated me for a sportsmanship award which I won. It is just so sad...

Sorry to hear

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know there's nothing I can say to take away your pain, so I will pray for you. Just do your best.

thanks and of course my

thanks and of course my therapist cancelled because she forgot we rescheduled due to my feeling shitty there and I haven't told my roomate i am moving out yet so its awkward then my other roomate who is moving out won't pay utilities until she gets her security deposit so just ahh i go on vacation tomorrow but i am in a bad mood.

Please take care of yourself

hermione3, I'm very sorry for your loss. Tragedies like this make it that much more challenging to deal with an ED, and requires that we dig down deeper to prevail. I hope you take care of yourself during this time of grief and that your vacation is healing and helpful to you.

Thank you for your support I

Thank you for your support I am doing well On vacation but when I go home I am sure it will be different and if you read my other post it might be awkward with my roommate as I told her I was moving and it did not go well and she said some mean things and that we are not friends and I am not a good friend...


How's your vacation been going? I'm so sorry it didn't go well with your roommate. I could understand the anxiety around returning home. How are you feeling about the situation? Thinking of you and praying for you <3

My vacation is good except

My vacation is good except all the food it's overwhelming my hosts are good cooks and we eat a lot well more then I normally do it's good food but overwhelming for my eating disorder I feel bloated and like my stomach is sticking out. My roommate situation I don't feel great she doesn't want to be friends so it will be awkward while I live there until I move out which is still over a month until I move out...