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hi everyone. im new to this but i thought it would be a good thing to try. i have a few people in my support system, but not many people really understand what im going through and this seemed like a good outlet to talk about my eating disorder and recovery. i am currently in therapy for anxiety and depression along with intensive outpatient therapy for my eating disorder. at this point, i want to get better and i want to make progress, but it is just so hard sometimes. after all this time of not eating, its hard to just start eating again and see my body getting bigger. there is just so much fear that if i put my weight back on, then i will be unhappy, but im not necessarily happy in this moment. my dietician told me i am a great risk for osteoporosis and am in an underfed stage and have done great damage to my body. this scares me a lot, but it also motivates me to get better. i know that every time i eat i am practicing self care. i am taking care of my body again... well for right now anyway. there are definitely still parts of me that want to let go. parts of me that want to stop eating and lay in bed and just waste away. im trying really hard to fight this. im getting better at it, but i have a long way to go. i just want to offer my support to anyone going through this too. i know how difficult it can be and i know how the eating disorder can make you think. you can do this. you are so much stronger than your eating disorder. you are making the important steps to move forward and regain your healthy self. keep it up.


Hi, first of all I love your username! Thank you for sharing your story, and welcome to the forum. It's so kind of you to offer your support, and you've definitely come to the right place to get more of your own :) I also want to say that it sounds like you've come to some amazing insights about your recovery - congratulations! That's HUGE. Therapy has done much of the same for me, I'm glad you have found it so helpful. You're right, even when recovery feels like the last thing you want to do, you're taking care of your body, and in return, your body will thank you for it. Try not to think of it as your body getting bigger, but stronger. More able to do the things you love, like sports or dancing or walking or whatever it may be. And I know how stressful it is to hear the damage you're doing to your body, but the good news is that as long as we keep forward, we are helping our bodies to reverse the damage. So keep up the good work <3 Our bodies have an amazing capacity to recover, as long as we love them and nourish them.

Take care and keep posting <3


Hi Gonnagetbetter-
Just wanted to welcome you to this community as well! First of all, I love your username & that reminder of assurance that yes, you will get better- you WILL recover. I am glad that you have various forms of support through therapy; in my recovery, therapy has been so important for exploring the underlying roots of my ED. It is so hard. Recovery is definitely a journey. ED loves to lie to us and tell us that everything will be okay if we stay at a lower weight or lose more weight, and it just is never enough. That's such a wonderful perspective, to look at food as a vehicle of self-care. I'm glad that you are challenging yourself to continue nourishing yourself despite the conflicting thoughts ED is planting in your head. Thank you so much for offering your support and encouragement to us all! You are wonderful. I am so excited to walk with you as you continue to grow in your recovery. Hope to hear from you soon <3 Will be thinking of you.