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Can't make this feeling go away.

All day yesterday and today I have been having the feeling to binge eat and I can't make this go away. You want to give up and you're trying everything to not give into this feeling. I just need to be ok and have this feeling pass.

You got this!

Hi London1621! Props to you for posting on here and trying to find help for yourself rather than just giving in to the feeling! That feeling is so hard to sit with, I understand your pain. Has anything in particular been on your mind today and yesterday? Keep fighting, I'm cheering for you!

Thank you

Somethings have been going on and it's stressing me out. And I haven't told anyone how it's making me feel so it upsets me and that's when I get the feeling to binge eat. Thank you for your reply.


Hi London-
Just wanted to check in and see how the last few days have gone for you? And also, do you realize how many times in the past few months you have posted that you felt the urge to binge eating but have not given in? You are seriously amazing. I'm honestly amazed in your continuous commitment to not acting on behaviors & instead using coping mechanisms and trying to get to the bottom of the emotions driving the urge. Anyways just wanted to say I'm proud of you and thinking of you <3

Hi lovetowrite81

I'm doing ok, thank you. I don't have the feeling as much. I didn't think about that, what you said. I just try everything to not give in. Because I don't want to. It's hard not to. How are you?