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Hi. I just want to let you know what is happening with me. If anyone doesn't want to read just skip over this.

My sister had asked to go into counselling with me and on our first appointment she had a migraine and couldn't make it. I just emailed my parents and told them I did not want to go to counselling with Mary until she gets help first. I said I can not live here like this as my health is deteriorating and my depression is getting quite severe. I said my voice was heard for a day. I said yes to something that I didn't want to because I wanted to make everyone happy, but I have just told them why I can not do it. I know they will be upset and told them if I must, I will move out. I can not do this anymore. Now I await their response. I told them I found it was easier for me to start this dialogue with an email. My health is deteriorating and it won't get better if she remains here.

I do not want to wind back in the hospital but I may if things keep going the way they are. Thank you for listening. I know there is nothing for you to say. So don't feel obligated to respond.

Good for you for advocating

Good for you for advocating for your health and well-being. It can be so hard when family members don't get along. We try so hard to make it work but just end up exhausting ourselves and getting nowhere. It sounds like you're doing what needs to be done. Maybe it will be a good wake up call for your sister too. Maybe she'll see she needs more help than she thinks. No matter what happens, stay strong. We are all rooting for you. I know it's stressful and has gone on far too long, but you can make it. It sounds like you're making progress. There is a light.
Lots of love,

email to parents

Hi. My mom called and I asked her to read the email I sent her. She did. I told her I wasn't sure how much more I could take. My father came and helped me get my things to their house. He is angry, I can tell. My mom is being supportive and said my sister told her she wasn't leaving. My Mom said we may need to get legal help to have her removed. I hate having to do that but each day I am losing more ground. Thank you to all who have supported me though this. I am at my parent's now. I hope we all sleep well tonight.

That's good news

At least you are being heard. It sounds like things are going to have a positive ending for you. Keep us posted on what happens.

Good luck, and stay strong

Be well.


Sending you hugs to help you to be okay soon.