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Great news

Hi. Just want to let you know my father does not have cancer!!!! Praise God

I am so happy to hear this!!!

I am so happy to hear this!!! I was really hoping for you. Glad to hear he does not have cancer that is truly great news!

That's awesome!!!

So glad everything worked out.


Amazing news-- praise God! <3

Hey iwanttolive, that's

Hey iwanttolive, that's fantastic! I'm overjoyed to hear that. Are you able to spend time with him tonight enjoying the good news?


Hi and thank you. We are praising God for his report. I made a favorite snack food we used to take on camping trips. I hid it and he had to find it. I had some time with him but he was tired and just wanted to watch TV, I don't like most movies and not his. My mom and aunt went to the movies. I don't go often as I don't like the content.

But thank you for responding. How are you doing? I don't think I have seen you around for a while. How are things?

That is wonderful news.

Yes, thank God he's cancer free. How are you doing? I hope you are well. Take care and write again...


Im so glad things turned out for you all ,that is such happy news must be a relieve . God can do miracles as amazing as this which i find truly humbling and amazing.


Hey iwanttolive,

Just wanted to say that I'm so glad to hear about your dad! That's amazing news, and we are all so happy for you and your family. :)


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