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My daughter is a freshman in college and moved a week ago Sunday for school 2 hours away.
She was a biology major working towards pre-med and three days ago called to say it was too much, too hard,
and wanted to change her major. She was ranked 8th in her high school class and earned many scholarships
based on her grades. She is extremely intelligent. She did that and said she was relieved. That night she called
very upset and shared that for the past 6 months she has not been hardly eating. She has not been
eating breakfast at all. She said she hates herself, she hates how she looks, she doesn't want to
get fat, etc. She has multiple health conditions, one that affects her
heart to where she lost some weight in a month a couple years ago. We went to a clinic
and she got on their program and successfully gained the weight back and was doing great.

The last few months we noticed a weight loss but thought maybe her condition was kicking in again.

Now, after the call 2 nights ago we set up an appointment at an eating disorder clinic in the town where
she goes to college. It is a week away. She has been texting us night and day. She hates being at college. Doesn't feel
smart enough. Is extremely homesick and wants to come home. She is hardly eating.

My husband and I do not know what to do. Do we go and bring her home? Do we wait until her appointment next Thursday?

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Hi SandraAnne, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out! I just wanted to let you know that your post has been edited to remove any numbers around weight as those might be triggering to the forum members. You can find our forum guidelines here: keep posting!

I'm so sorry you are going

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I don't know details but I would have to say to go with your gut instinct. I think it is pretty common for freshman to "freak out" when they first get to college. It probably does seem very daunting to her, especially when not feeling her best. So my only advice is to go with your mama instinct. If you think she'll be okay to hang in there for another week, see if she will stay. Maybe she can get into the routine of college life. But, if you think she is at risk of failing health, I would bring her home. I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I wanted to at least respond, because I know you are hurting and worrying. I truly hope all goes well for your daughter.