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Daughter going back to College

Any advice would be helpful. Our daughter came home with anxiety/depression/anorexia. She's being seen by her doctor, on a low dose of antidepressant, and seeing a nutritionist and psychologist. She now admits she has an eating disorder and doesn't want to think about food all of the time so is being cooperative for the most part in her care. She still struggles at meals though but eats because she knows she needs to. It's not perfect but she is on the road. She decided to go back to school in another state but we insisted that she needs to have a doctor, counselor, and support for her issues. What should we look for? What is the best way to make sure she is doing what she needs to for her health. Because it seems that for her recovery, she needs to be motivated herself that she is doing what she needs to and have accountability. Does that make sense?

Emmsy, I responded to your

Emmsy, I responded to your comment under my post "Update", but I will reply here as well. Again, I'm sorry to hear of your daughter's struggles. I would stay in frequent contact with your daughter, even it is just short texts with encouraging words. Being a distance away from her, it'll be hard to see how she is doing physically but I'm hoping she will be transparent with you and keep you informed of her health. My daughter went to many treatments centers, both inpatient and residential, and medical hospitals when her health was at its worst. Literally we sent her to treatment centers across this country. But she did not really gain control of her ED until she put her mind to it. She had too much at stake if she did not beat the eating disorder. From our own experience, it was a combination of her determination to get her dream job and successfully finish her education, some really good therapists and doctors who believed in her, her faith, and tons of support from our family (through phone calls, texts, emails, letters, etc.). She is still very new to recovery so I am still sending encouraging texts and saying positive things to her all the time. Hope this was helpful!

Emmsy and momto3

Emmsy, I completely agree with momto3 am in a similar situation, although it sounds as though your daughter is more accepting that she has a problem and wants help. Wishing you and your daughter the best and the fact that your daughter will take medication is VERY good sign. I would highly recommend some sort of system for regular weigh-ins so that you know she is safe/healthy, either through a dietician whom she likes and feels she can work with or through outpatient therapy or some other means. (Our daughter is being weighed b/c she is on a sports team at her school and lost a lot of weight, she realizes she has a problem and wants help on a certain level, but a part of her believes that she can solve it herself; the decision has been made for daughter to return to college, with the support of therapist, dietician, and we are all hoping she is accepted to intensive outpatient therapy program near her college (we are all waiting to hear). She wants very much to go ahead and finish her schooling/get her degree and does not like this school (partly b/c the athletic department team doctor has trainers who weigh her and gossip about her with the other athletes, there is no privacy, etc.), but it is by far the best school for her major and she only has one year left (actually 8 months of true enrollment time when you count the breaks from school) and she is not in a good frame of mind to start all over somewhere else for her final year. We are taking it a day at a time and plan to stay in frequent contact and try to visit. She is a 4-hour drive. It sounds like your daughter is in a good place overall and has a very supportive family. Advice is to set up a meaningful way for you to know that her weight is remaining stable. Best of luck to you/your daughter.