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Comment on my weight

Hi. I just wanted to send se positively and let you know that I am excited about my recovery. An acquaintance of mine hasn't seen me in a long time. She mentioned that I look good and mentioned she noticed that I gained weight. Before, I would have freaked out but I acknowledged it and I am okay. I looked ill for most of my life and people are happy that I am doing so well. This is not possible without my faith in Jesus and Him helping me.

I know how destructive these words have on pne suffering from eating disorders, but I just want to say recovery is possible and living free from the fear of food and body image issues can be your reality.

I struggle with my female body and can't understand or grasp that I am a woman are what perpetuated my eating disorder and self harm. I still need a lot of work to do in this area but I believe that with time, healing Will happen too.I wish you all a nice day.

Good Job and way to go girl...

You are 1 smart cookie...


You are amazing! That's wonderful you were able to process the comment calmly & realize the care others have for you-- that you now look healthy & people are so excited to see you in recovery. Thank you so much for your encouragement and words of wisdom! I'm excited for the way God will continue to bring healing into those areas in the way only He can. <3