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Collapsed While Walking this Evening on a Crooked Sidewalk

I fell and saved fall w/ the palm of hands. My ribs were aching afterwards, my palms skinned, and wrists sore after God Save The Queen saved my fell from grace.....

Thank God it wasn't any worse than that.

I got home and began eating a few extra snacks after having taken a walk outside and having just arrived home after my great and embarrassing fall.

This, of course, was all after the hot air outside,had finally cooled down.

Now my rt shoulder is aching, and I have just taken my PM meds so I cant drive anywhere Now???

I hope i dont binge anymore tonight. Good thing i dont have --- in my freezer or i might of had a huge binge as that stuff is a trigger food for me preceding a big junk food binge.

I may call crisis line and talk to an ED therapist as I am feeling so shaken up from the walk.

At work today I also yakked up my lunch just out of nerves and from just thinking about calories and how my weight keeps fluctuating. I felt , earlier today , also very embarrassed from having a purge like episode in the Ladies restroom.

Then I emailed my shrink when i got home and he said he will find a therapist to help me w/ my recent onset of stress, and ED behaviors too.

I hope he doesnt make me do an inpatient program because i confessed this info to him. They make patients drive to a Kaiser miles and miles away from mine and plus there is a high toll fee too.

I would have to take time off from work and I CANT AFFORD any TIME OFF from my jobs currently....