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Take a look under "need support". I wrote a rather long response to yours. iwanttolive

I did and thank you for that entry

I always love to read your responses, questions, slight heart attacks. You just keep up The Good Work my lady and soon you'll be running for NEDA President....

Or graduating w/ high honors perhaps from some college of arts, letters, and social sciences that emphasizes the written word as being more important than just the darned old #2 pencil and scan tron type of exams.

You ought to apply yourself to a good college somewhere. You have so much drive, energy to respond, and ability to analyze. I hate to see you waste all your gifts.

Good luck in your recovery and go on in the world and do help others too.(Even make a living doing what u love most).

Ever think of becoming a medical social worker, or a psych nurse,or even an ED Therapist once you recover?

There are tons of places who hire and train people w/ even an AA Degree, to start, as ED Counselor Trainee's.