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Cheap Therapy

I hope you'll pardon the blunt subject heading; still, I think it summarizes what I'm seeking. I feel I could benefit from having a counselor familiar with ED's to keep me focused through this journey. At the same time, my health insurance doesn't cover it. Any suggestions?


Hi, it is good to see that you are seeking help for your eating disorder. This is a brave step and so important for recovery, the want to. I am sorry you are unable to afford a therapist. Are you in school? They often have counselors for free if you are in college. I would reach out to a NEDA volunteer and see if they have any suggestions as they can look for someone in your area. The number is 800-931-2237. The have an option to either talk in person with them or chat online. I found them to be helpful. They are available until 9pm M-Thursday and 9a-5p eastern time.

How are you? Do you have anyone close that you can share what is going on? I am really happy to hear that you want to recover. I always say that the "want to" is the first step in recovery. Best of luck and keep us posted.

I appreciate the info about

I appreciate the info about the hotline. :)
I am doing well for the most part. I have been in varying stages of recovery/health for 20 years. Most people close to me know about the anorexia diagnosis and are very supportive. Still, I feel no loved one should ever be put in the therapist role; I think it really causes confusion and strain on the relationship.

Cheap therapy

Hey girl99:
I think the NEDA navigation page might be able to help you find affordable care. I would probably try that!

Hope this helps!