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can't sleep

I got up this morning at 4 o clock. I have no idea why I couldn't sleep. I hope this doesn't ruin the day.

well Melissaah, I told you

well Melissaah, I told you are lives are parallel!! I was up at 4 am myself! Already working the headache too...........I have been falling asleep easy but having an awful time staying asleep all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep problems are the WORST.

Sleep problems are the WORST. I have had such a hard time with insomnia and trouble falling asleep, and it really can ruin your day and cause tons of stress and anxiety. If this continues, maybe try taking a little melatonin before bed? Also, I found that reading for about an hour before you go to sleep really helps your mind relax. For when you wake up at weird hours, I read that it is good to sometimes get a nice hot relaxing shower then go back to bed, since your body naturally cools when you fall asleep this helps the process happen faster!

Just try and power through the day and look forward to getting some good sleep later!

Thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips brookespre. I Wil try a couple if this keeps happening

I woke up with a headache too

I woke up with a headache too brody. How creepy lol

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