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I just found out that my dad may have cancer. In part of his private area. He will have to have surgery. I am so scared. I do not know what to do. I feel if my dad dies, or my mom, I too will die. I don't think I can live without them. I am so scared right now. I am terrified. He was calm in explaining it to me and that he most likely doesn't have it but they will probably go ahead and have surgery. The vacation that was planned a year ago that I can't go on is most likely going to be cancelled if he has the surgery. He won't be able to go. That brings it down from four people to two and my mom won't go after he just has surgery.

Praying for you

I'm sorry your dad is going through this. I will be praying for you.


My father goes tomorrow for one more test. He will then find out if he has to have surgery. I am worried, but doing okay. I believe God is helping me with that. But if...he does need surgery, I don't know how I will deal with it. I know it is all about my father and what he is going through. It isn't about me. But I love my Dad. Please pray for him. He doesn't always connect with his feelings and is going alone to the doctors over an hour away for a 8:45 appointment in the morning.
Thank you

How are you doing?

How did the appointment your dad had go? Thinking about you and praying.

Im so sad to hear

I feel you so much on this as I went through it with my Mom an her Ovarian Cancer ,I think it might be good to pray and I will will be praying for all of you that God gives you all peace and wisdom to get through this .

I think God has his timing for things also that he does not want you all to suffer but to trust him in all your ways he knows what you guys need and he will faithfully follow through on his promises .

We just need to take each day as it comes as if we did not things would be crazy and worry about things more so ,God loves us all he has his reasons and that maybe might be hard to accept but in time we will grow stronger from it all and be able to help others in similar places in life ,im learning to slowly accept his reasons for my lot in life its not easy but with his mercy and everlasting love we can make it through.

I will be praying for you all and that things will end up better im here for you if ever need a listening ear and compassion i dont judge as i have been through and im sure you have to much in life and im sure you have as well.

In time things will even out but you just have to trust and let God take your burdens and for me when i do that i fee much lighter in a way .

Send you hugs

Sending you hugs so that you will be ok. I hope that it's going to be ok. Hugs.