National Eating Disorders Association

NEDA Launches Feeding Hope Fund

Terry Marks

More Than 90% of Every Dollar Raised in Major Gift Campaign Will Support Clinical Research and Training

We are excited to share NEDA’s launch of the Feeding Hope Fund, a major gift campaign for clinical research and training. Our goal is to advance the field with innovative clinical research and training that will lead to effective treatment and sustained recovery for those suffering from eating disorders. With proper funding and allocation of resources, we can begin to fund research that assists in the development and testing of new treatment and training protocols.

The initiative is in direct response to the severe lack of research funding for eating disorders, illnesses that affect 30 million people within the United States alone. Eating disorders affect all races, ages and socio-economic levels. Yet, though the prevalence of eating disorders is greater than most other mental disorders, they receive far less research funding.  We need not only new research, but improved models to disseminate clinical training on evidence-based treatment.

Anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, sending a signal of urgency that requires an immediate response. Research is the best and most effective approach to improve treatment and, without a doubt, time is of the essence. NEDA understands that our families simply do not have the time to wait.

The Feeding Hope Fund will help meet the need for more research by raising designated funds for the distinct purpose of providing grants to:

  • Qualified clinical researchers who have been selected through our competitive application process and
  • Qualified clinical experts providing creative submissions for advancing training and dissemination of evidence-based treatment to fellow clinicians.

For information about donating to the Feeding Hope Fund or applying for a research grant, please visit the Feeding Hope Fund page on our website.