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Monumental Victories for NEDA’s STAR Program!

Taryn O'Brien

This year, thanks to the help of NEDA’s dedicated STAR Program Volunteer Advocates, important bills have passed in states across the country!

  • In Virginia, a bill which encourages school screenings for eating disorders was signed into law!  The bill also requires that information about eating disorders be sent to the parents of children in the state!  The law recently went into effect, and will begin with the 2013-14 school year.  This law is critical for prevention and early intervention, and sets the stage for similar laws in other states!
  • In Missouri, the efforts of STAR volunteers and NEDA Network member Missouri Eating Disorders Association (MoEDA) have led to two eating disorders bills passing the Legislature and are awaiting the Governor’s signature.  Senate Bills 161 and 262 authorize a study into insurance coverage for eating disorders, and they are crucial for future policy work in the state!
  • In New Jersey, Senate Bill 1253 requires that the two state health benefit plans cover the treatment of eating disorders, among other illnesses.  This bill passed the Legislature in June and will become law if the Governor signs it.  This bill will greatly improve access to care for those suffering from an eating disorder in the state of New Jersey!
  • In California, Senate Bill 22 to ensure mental health insurance parity is moving steadily.  This session, our STAR team worked closely with NEDA Network member Eating Disorder Resource Center (EDRC) to testify at hearings and conduct meetings  to lobby for the bill’s passage!  This legislation will assure that eating disorder treatment is covered appropriately by insurance carriers in CA.

Get involved with the STAR Program to bring our mission to YOUR representatives!

Staying local: View our free recorded webinar HERE to learn all of the ways that you can work with NEDA to educate your state elected officials!

Going national: Register today to attend NEDA’s Federal Lobby Day, taking place on October 10th, 2012 in Washington, DC!  Participation is free and no experience is necessary.  Meet with members of Congress and/or their staff to shine the national spotlight on eating disorders and their impact!


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