National Eating Disorders Association

The Marginalized Voices Project

Susie Roman, Director of Programs

The National Eating Disorders Association, in association with feminist activist and editor of Everyday Feminism, Melissa Fabello, is calling for stories that focus on underrepresented experiences and communities in the eating disorder field through The Marginalized Voices Project. We are looking especially for voices from marginalized communities and narratives that challenge eating disorder myths.

It takes courage to share your story, and although every eating disorder narrative is important, this project serves to highlight recovery stories that challenge the dominant narrative represented in much of our media and in the majority of memoirs and stories of hope out there ─ that only young white women are struggling with, and seeking recovery from, an eating disorder. So many experiences available to read for hope and inspiration are specific to struggles with anorexia nervosa, and to a lesser extent, bulimia nervosa. There are comparably few about binge eating disorder and other specified feeding and eating disorders (OSFED). So few people have the opportunity to access inpatient treatment, and we don’t hear as much about the ways that people make alternate treatment arrangements work for them.

And of course, eating disorders affect people from all different backgrounds. There are already some brave people out there sharing their stories, talking about how their ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality,  age, or religion have impacted their experience with an eating disorder, but as a field and community, we have still have so far to go. You are invited to join us in creating this collection of stories. If you’ve ever scoured the available eating disorder memoirs looking for a story to relate to, and felt underrepresented, or unrepresented, we want to hear from you! This project will contribute to the ongoing development of a fuller picture of how people experience eating disorders and find support for recovery.

Submissions should be written in personal narrative, creative non-fiction, or memoir style and be between 1200 and 2500 words. Submissions are due by Friday, August 15th.

For more information on the project, please see this post.

If you are interested in submitting your story for review, please fill out this form.
PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that in this endeavor, we keep the safety of both writers and readers in mind. As such, we ask that you please share your story responsibly. For a detailed description of what that looks like, please see NEDA’s Guidelines for Sharing Your Story Responsibly.
Submissions that contain the following triggering content will not be considered for publication: Specific weights (lowest or highest weights, ideal weights when ill, etc.), calorie counts, or detailed descriptions of behaviors that you engaged in while struggling.