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Does fear convince you that you lack talent and that your writing will shamefully sound more elementary-school than polished and dazzling? A journal is a great place to challenge that voice that tells you you're lacking talent, you're doing it wrong, that you and your writing aren't good enough.  The voice confuses, slips, slides, taunts. 

In my head, I'm unable to disentangle from that voice. Only nailing it on paper gives me clarity and power.  How does it know I’m doing it wrong?  What makes it an expert about writing (or anything else)? 

An article released today in the journal Pediatrics documents that a significant number of all who present for eating disorder (ED) treatment—nearly half, or more in some studies—were formerly classified as overweight or obese. 

New Jersey took a big step forward in addressing eating disorders this week when the School Employees Health Benefits Program Plan Design Committee voted unanimously to approve a program that requires coverage for the treatment of substance abuse issues, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

NEDA applauds Governor Chris Christie for his commitment to insurance coverage for individuals who suffer from mental illness and encourages him and the state of New Jersey to continue working to expand coverage to those on the State Health Benefits Plan as well.

Open the September issue of Vogue and you’ll find an in depth feature on Yahoo! CEO, Marissa Mayer.

Is writing one more burden on your to-do list of recovery tasks?  Just you and a blank page staring at you?  Does this image leave you feeling alone and on your own, drained and deflated?

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” —Jean Shinoda Bolen

I sat in the doctor’s consulting room, not knowing where to start sharing my problems of the past 18 years. The spectacled, middle-aged male MD gazed across his desk.

The power of social media has grown into a force that can influence society and culture with the swiftness of wildfire.  Messages conveyed through social media sites can build into movements, rapidly creating a positive or negative environment for those engaging with it.  Unfortunately, trends that promote eating disorders have become rampant through social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  With the combination of easy access to technology and the widespread use of these social media sites, a movement that endorses eating disorder behaviors has quickly risen

A few months ago, my 19-year old happy, healthy, anorexia-free son handed me a “thank you” card. Inside, Ben had written that his eating disorder had been “a struggle fought together not against each other”. He wrote that I was “a shining example to the world that love can overcome anything” and that “we would not be here today in such a state of contentment” if it had not been for my “sheer strength of willpower and motherly love”. Finally he thanked me “for being the one that never gave up”.

Well, the floodgates opened and I wept buckets!

The recent developments surrounding the firing of Oakland University women’s basketball coach, Beckie Francis, highlight the immense influence coaches have on their athletes and underscore the importance of eating disorders awareness in the athletic community.


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