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Pick up any eating disorder memoir at your local bookstore, and you are more than likely to find some iteration of this narrative arc.

Well-to-do, young white woman develops an eating disorder, spirals into near-oblivion, seeks treatment for her eating disorder (which usually results in her being admitted into a residential facility), experiences a myriad of successes and failures, and eventually commits to finding her Self again. Well-to-do, young white woman walks out of treatment with a new sense of hope on the road to recovery.

Continued from Volume 7, Issue 1 of Making Connections

One writes to capture and crystallize one's joy, but also to disperse one's gloom.
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh, War Within & Without: Diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1939 – 1944


Glamorous, beautiful, fantastic, a workout in a pill, the easy way, the answer you have been looking for! These are the things that came to my mind when I thought of diet pills. My struggle with disordered eating began way before my struggle with bulimia; it began years earlier when I began using diet pills. I was searching for a way to become the “ideal dancer,” and it seemed every time I turned around diet pills were in my face.

Recientemente , he creado una pagina web de los trastornos alimenticios y la imagen corporal positiva en español ( para construir un recurso y ofrecer ayuda a aquellos que luchan en la comunidad que habla español . Creo firmemente en el poder de la comunidad que nos ayuda a cada uno a tomar esos pequeños pasos todos los días para llegar a donde queremos estar .

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that most people know better than to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach without permission. Right? Can we agree on that? Unless the pregnant woman in question is a close friend or relative, the belly is a hands-free zone.

When I was in  the worst of my eating disorder, I didn’t know there were others out there.

I didn’t realize that I was not an exception.

I didn’t see that there were others struggling the same way, hurting the same way, thinking the same way.

I thought I was alone. So utterly, miserably alone.

My relatives thought it was just a phase, that I was just disciplined, moody and maybe even vain.

They thought I was seeking attention, wanting to be pitied, just playing a game.

“To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they’re blind to your shortcomings but because they so clearly see your soul.” — Victoria Moran, “Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty

While Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in various ways for centuries, no one knows exactly how it started. One popular account credits St. Valentine, a man who was imprisoned for performing forbidden marriages in ancient Rome. During his imprisonment, he became a healer.

Once again, the Biggest Loser is drawing criticism after the announcement of season 15 winner, Rachel Frederickson. According to the show, Frederickson lost nearly 60% of her body weight over the course of the season. Now fans and critics alike are taking to the internet to sound the alarm that her extreme weight loss is a dangerous example of the show's unhealthy promotion of excessive weight loss and exercise.

In 2010, the family of a 14-year-old girl who was suffering from anorexia filed a complaint against health insurance giant Cigna for denying coverage for the nutritional counseling her doctors deemed necessary. This complaint, and many others like it, prompted the New York Attorney General’s office to launch an investigation into some of Cigna’s practices.


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