National Eating Disorders Association

How Facebook is Connecting People to Vital Mental Health Resources

Lauren Smolar, Director of Helpline Services

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is excited to celebrate our collaboration with Facebook’s Crisis Support Over Messenger program. Through this exciting partnership, individuals can message the NEDA Helpline directly from our Facebook page.

This expanded service offering has allowed the Helpline to reach individuals who are concerned about themselves or a loved one’s eating or exercise habits who may not have reached out to the Helpline in a different way. 

Since the launch of this program in February, we have connected with over 1,500 individuals through Facebook Messenger who were seeking information, support, and treatment options for eating-related issues. Many of these individuals were reaching out to NEDA for the first time, and had never discussed their concerns openly and honestly with anyone before. 

Eating disorders can feel very isolating, but with the support of Facebook, the Helpline has been able to help many people figure out next steps in finding the help and support they need towards a happier, healthier life.

We look forward to continuing to bring the Facebook population the support it needs for eating disorder concerns through our ongoing collaboration. Learn more about our work with Facebook and the work they’re doing with other amazing organizations to make mental health a priority.