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Free NEDA Resources for Those Struggling & Their Loved Ones

Lauren Smolar, Director of Helpline Services

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, there are a variety of NEDA resources available. From directories of treatment professionals to personal recovery stories, our resources speak to a variety of audiences. Here are a few ways to access support today:

National Eating Disorders Helpline

The Helpline offers a place where individuals and loved ones can access a trained volunteer Monday through Thursday 9am-9pm ET and Friday 9am-5pm ET. Our Helpline services are free of charge. Volunteers are available by phone (800.931.2237), chat, email, and Facebook Messenger. Trained volunteers can help an individual figure out their next step – whether it’s how to help support a loved one through their recovery journey, or what they themselves may need to move successfully along their own recovery from an eating disorder. In the last year, the Helpline supported nearly 20,000 contacts.


With over 15,000 posts, NEDA’s forums offer a free place to access support from others in similar stages of the recovery process who may be going through similar journeys or who can provide support from a place of understanding and previous experience. Our forums are moderated by trained volunteers to make sure that our community stays safe in a supportive environment. 


NEDA Navigators have been through the recovery process and are either individuals who themselves are now in strong recovery or a loved one who has helped someone through their journey. In the last year, 180 contacts were connected with Navigators. Navigators can give support from a place of personal experience and speak to contacts on an individual basis.

Treatment and Support Groups

Our Treatment Search Tool gives individuals the opportunity to find treatment options for themselves or a loved one. Individuals can search based on city and state, as well as the population served, any co-occurring psychiatric issues, level of care/setting, insurance and payment options, treatments offered, and evidence based treatment.

The Support Groups and Research Studies page is a search tool that helps individuals locate either a support group or an on-going research study in his or her state. Additionally, support groups and IRB or accredited research studies may submit their resources to be listed through this search tool.

NEDA and Proud2Bme Blog

The NEDA blog provides articles written by NEDA staff members, members of the recovery community, and parents and caregivers. It strives to educate the community about eating disorders, recovery, and provide stories of hope and inspiration from those that are in recovery or have been a supporter of someone in recovery.

Proud2Bme is an online community created by and for teens and young adults. Members of the community submit personal stories, advice, and articles promoting body positivity. We believe in creating a nation where confidence rules and part of that is by providing readers with articles about media influences, activism, athletics, style at any size, and more. There are many opportunities for readers to get involved by joining forums and participating in programs such as the Body Project.