National Eating Disorders Association

Diet Culture Domino

Melissa Spratt

You came into this world 

A beautiful being 

How amazing! 

Only one of you 

Only one of me 

Mama wonders about your personality 

No thoughts of a child hating their body 

As you grow up, messages pop up on the tv 

Photoshopped images fill your phone screen

The noise gets louder 

You used to love your body  

Twirling through blades of grass 

Riding bikes in the cul-de-sac 

Innocent childhood memories fading You start thinking… 

“I want to look like this” 

You start dieting 

Less here 

Less there 

Parents now scared 

Food is our life source  

Giving us energy 

Not our enemy 

Diet culture was the first domino to fall It led you here fighting for your life 

With an eating disorder at your side 

Diet became mental illness 

Impacting so many millions 

Tears bursting to eye surfaces  

“What do we do from here?” 

We can take a stand 

Today I will say NO to diet culture 

Today I will say GOODBYE to eating disorders I will love my body 

I will love me 

I will live life 

I will be free 

Melissa Spratt is a first-time author of My Roots Grow Strong poetry collection. She has personally recovered from an eating disorder and is using her voice for mental health and eating disorder awareness. She is also a former NEDA Jr. Board Member. Melissa started writing for healing and hope. She “aspires to inspire” and break the stigma on mental health. She lives on the Connecticut shoreline in a charming village. Melissa fills up her time and self-care cup with her family and friends, chasing after and cuddling with her daughter, volunteering, enjoying outdoor walks, reading, yoga and gardening. She is excited to share her experiences and poetry with you. Connect with Melissa