National Eating Disorders Association

Celebrating 15 Years of Saving Lives

NEDA Staff

We’re excited to announce that the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is celebrating its 15th anniversary! We’ve dedicated the past 15 years to helping people across the country fight eating disorders and find resources for proper education and treatment. 

NEDA has grown tremendously throughout the past 15 years, and through every walk, blog post, and health screening, we’ve been able to spread awareness about eating disorders.

Here are some statistics that show our growth throughout the past 15 years! 

Our helpline saw a 609% increase in traffic between 2009-2015.

• Nearly 445,000 people have taken the screening since its launch in 2013, with 40,000 people taking the screening during NEDAwareness Week 2016 (a 15,000% increase from our weekly average). 

• Since 2013, NEDA has had volunteers travel to New York City from 15 countries (China, France, Belarus, Myanmar, South Korea, Greece, Mexico, Germany, Croatia, Cote d'Ivoire, Poland, Switzerland, Pakistan, Argentina, and Australia).

• Launching the program in 2010, we now have trained NEDA Navigators in 33 states and have reached over 3,000 people with this peer-to-peer support program. 

• Our volunteer base has continued to grow as we increase Helpline opportunities, expanding to eight in-house stations available from 9am-9pm M-Th, 9am-5pm F. 

As of October 1, 2016, NEDA has trained 150 people in the Body Project.

• Total number of walks NEDA will have in 2016: 63

Total number of walkers (from Sept. 2015 - Sept 2016): 18,336 in 42 states

We couldn’t have done all of this work without you! Whether you volunteered, read a blog post, took a mental health screening, or participated in a walk, NEDA thanks you for helping us change as many lives as we have so far. We look forward to continuing to fight eating disorders for years to come!