National Eating Disorders Association

5 Tips for a Happy Halloween!

Lauren Smolar, Director of Programs

1. Costumes aren’t such a big deal
Halloween can get stressful trying to figure out what to wear. Focus less on how you look and more about enjoying the festivities! If you don’t like dressing up DON’T! Wear what is going to be comfortable so it does not get in the way of you having a good time!

2. Neither is the candy!
There may be a lot of difficult situations with food for the Halloween festivities. Remember to listen to your body and make smart decisions about what you can handle. Do not be afraid to politely turn down food if you have had enough. A simple “no thank you” should suffice! Make sure you consult with a professional to find the healthy balance you need!

3. Make a plan
Discuss situations ahead of time with your treatment provider so you feel prepared to handle situations you are anticipating. Halloween is so much fun; don’t let your eating disorder take that away!

4. Consider plans that don’t revolve around food
Trick or treating can be fun but there are so many other things that don’t involve food! Carve out a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern, go on a hay ride or experience a corn maze!

5. Don’t be afraid to leave. There is always next year!
If you encounter a stressful situation, feel free to excuse yourself. Halloween will be back next year, and you will have until then to work on any challenges you may have encountered this time!

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