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Hi birdie22,
I have not heard from you in a while. I have been praying for you, and your mom. I hope you are doing well.
I know that you are not alone, that God knows who you are and your struggles, pains, joy and victories. He sends angels, to help us. Sometimes those angels are the heavenly kind, and other times they are people in our families, friends, neighbors, or even strangers. You are not alone, keep turning to God and keep Fighting against your ED. Never lose hope.


Hi Birdie22,
I am so sorry that you are struggling with depression. I hope things get better soon. I am glad that you are reaching out, which is hard to do while in the midst of depression.
My daughter is doing well. She was really struggling at the end of the school year, yet now there is a change deep in her soul. She still struggles, but she wants to conquer ED and even the self harm(most of the time). She is even seeing herself in a positive light from time to time. She keeps saying she is trying so hard and I keep telling her she is working so hard and succeeding. She is getting a lot more privleges and she is wanting to hang out with her friends more. I just hope that going back to school does not cause a lot of ED stuff and depression. She does not do well with change, I do have great hope that even if the first month of school is hard, that she will pull through okay. She has come such a long way
I have found great strength in praying for and then seeking peace each day. I will continue to pray for you, to pray that you feel joy and peace each day.
Take care of yourself. Do not give up. Keep your faith and hope of the Savior. He is there for you!