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Binge eating disorder

My 14 yo daughter has a binge eating disorder, in addition to Aspergers (a high-functioning form of Autism) and bipolar disorder. We are seeing a therapist for her litany of problems. She continues to turn to food for comfort. She said it's the only thing she gets comfort from because she's socially awkward and bullied in school. This problem has spiraled into severe weight gain, which is further eroding on her self-esteem.

I really struggle with helping her. We keep very little food in the house, but she will binge on anything if there's nothing to choose from. We have a lock on the freezer and the pantry and I'm trying to figure out how to lock the fridge too. But we also have our 10 year old twins to consider...they are so confused by the locks on the freezer and our limited amount of food in the house.

Im at such a loss here how to further help her. I feel horrible for putting locks on the food because I feel like it makes her feel bad. But I don't know how to help her.

Our therapist suggested we seek out a eating disorder clinic, but it seems like most are focused on other types of eating disorders.

Hi AmyFl-

Hi AmyFl-

Sorry to hear about the rough time your family is going through. It sounds like you really care for your daughter, and I imagine it must really difficult to go through that as a family.

Eating disorders are complicated, and I'd imagine they are even more complicated when taking into consideration your daughter's specific needs. It is also incredibly hard to deal with eating disorders alone. Have you talked to anyone at the eating disorder clinics near you? Maybe you can find a clinic who is at least a little familiar with some of the concerns unique to your daughter?

Also, the NEDA helpline (1-800-931-2237) can help you find local resources - that might help you find some more ideas about where to go from here. Good luck - keep us updated!!