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best books for understanding binge eating?

Can someone recommend a book or two on understanding binge eating? I feel like even though I get it, I would love to understand it better from different perspectives than just my own experiences.

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover!

That's really awesome of you to want and try to understand Binge Eating from different perspectives since the experience can be different for everyone, simply because everyone is different. That is why it can be really difficult to rank books or tell someone else that this book is the "best", because what may be helpful to some might not be helpful to others. However the really exciting thing about Binge Eating is it is now recognized as it's own disorder in the DSM-V separate from Anorexia and Bulimia, so seeking treatment and perhaps finding more books in the future should become easier. If you check out NEDA's learn tab (At the Top) there is a section on Binge Eating Disorder, if you haven't found it already: You can also check out the Binge Eating Disorder Association website for more info:

Or perhaps some other members have some recommendations or know of books that they could pass on to you! So guys what are some books that you have read and liked?

Love your attitude!

Hi Smurlene!

I agree with BrianaM200 – it’s great that you are looking for more resources to help you in recovery! I wanted to share this website with you:

The domain name is deceiving – this website has books on all eating disorders. There is a tab on the right for BED. I hope this helps!


Thank you both so much. People have accused me in the past of trying to read myself well, and there is so measure of truth in that, but being informed has also led me to here and there and everywhere that has been supportive.

Information is power

I know this may sound cliche, but information IS power and you shouldn't ever get down about anyone trying to accuse you of trying to "read yourself well"! It's important to be educated and read about eating disorders so you can separate fact from fiction, and it's very admirable that you're taking the initiative in the first place to look for resources. You're on the right track!!

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