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Being open

Went to a holiday party tonight! After much inquiry into why I don't drink, I delved into the history of my ED and I believe I would have a hard time moderating alcohol! It was unnerving, but freeing to share my story w some people who I know casually. All of my close friends know! There were many looks of complete shock! Was really proud of myself!!!


awesome job!! I totally understand why you feel this way. It is something I have struggled with in the past and would replace the ED with alcohol. I commend you on not going down that path!


That's great!

hi mameegan,

That is really awesome to hear. Good for you! Being able to talk openly about your struggles can be a great way to keep moving forward in your recovery. Things like this are not easy to talk about with people you only casually know so I really commend you for showing the courage that you did. I'm also happy that you were proud of yourself afterwards. Keep up the awesome work! Recovery is possible and you are proving that.

Being Open

Dear Mameegan,

You're AWESOME! It feels good to own your story and not stay in shame that often accompanies an ED. I'm so proud of you too!!

I've found through the process of sharing my story, family/friends really want to help us, but don't know enough about eating disorders to know how to help. I think by sharing, we're not only helping ourselves, but we're helping others that may not be able to share their story and help educate our society, so those struggling receive empathy rather than judgment.

I want to share the NEDA Helpline number #1.800.931.2237 in case you ever feel like you need to speak with someone directly for support or guidance ~ they're phenomenal! They're available Mon. - Thurs. 9am - 9pm and Fri. 9am - 5pm/EST.

Also, I'm sharing the Stories of Hope link, because when I struggle, and even when I'm not struggling, I'll read these inspirational stories to keep me on the path I know we ALL deserve and work to stay on; one free of an ED. I hope you'll also be inspired by these stories. You should consider sharing your story as well, as it's very healing and can help others!

Stories of Hope:

Keep up the GREAT work! Just remember, you're NOT alone and we're here for YOU!

HEALing Hugs!
Legacy of Love

Congrats! Speaking as one who

Congrats! Speaking as one who has yet to open up like this, you are inspiration to me! :D

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