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Been Doing Well but Fear the Holiday School Break

When I'm at work I somehow am under control from feeling that my Binging is Out of Control. I go to work, I come home, eat lite dinner, go to a gym, walk first to get to gym, and then come home for snack before doing some Rand R activities to relax and sleep at night. I feel scared that I may relapse during the Holiday Break. I tried applying for retail seasonal work but nothing worked out. So now I have been ruminating over recipes of baked goodies to begin creating during my Holiday Break. I hope I make it through w/o binging and gaining weight.

Hey 1fishygal68,

Hey 1fishygal68,

The holiday season can be incredibly difficult to negotiate while trying to recover. It can be hard when the voice of your ED seems so much louder than your desire to recover. It sounds like you're being mindful and trying to figure out some strategies to help you get through this. Keep taking things one day at a time. We're here to support you!

you are definitely not alone!

you are definitely not alone!<3

You can do it!

HI 1fishygal68,

I know how hard holidays can be but just remember how far you've come! Keep support close to you, and continue being mindful and I know you can get through it. Best of luck :)


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