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Ate a Small Dinner at Work b4 Beginning Shift and Had Energy

I actually feel good to have eaten a small dinner right b4 I began my retail work shift from 5 to 9 PMish...

So I realized I really needed to eat b4 work as Friday nights at work until store closing can be very busy and w/o energy i feel horrible.....

Not too hydrated and feel better too. Was over hydrating during the hot heat waves over the last few days. Now I feel better not drinking as much water.

re: Ate a Small Dinner at Work b4 Beginning Shift and Had Energy

Yes! Good for you, this is so great. Feeding yourself properly will not only give you more energy during a grueling night at work, but also help proactively eliminate any binge urges later on in the evening when you're done with your shift. You're on the right track! Proud of you

Thank You

Happy that my columns haven't been blocked and someone enjoys corresponding w/ me at times.Good luck in your ED recovery too...

I usually don't reply because

I usually don't reply because I don't know what to say. What you guys experience is very far from my problem, but please, don't feel as if I'm ignoring you. I wish you a nice day! :-)

Thank you Ireen

Just dont forget to be mindful in your recovery and breath the fresh air God has provided for us, and the lovely things around us that we sometimes take for granite.

Life can last a long time if we take care of the body we are given from birth. In spite of trauma's past we must make a clean slate of ourselves and fight tooth n nail all the way to recovery. You can do it.

Take baby steps, and keep in touch w/ friends and family or whomever is your closest support along the path of ED's Recovery. You GO Girl....

For me staying busy and being productive, and feeling like i am helping to make a positive difference in my small world around me helps me go on....

You see, the thing is I don't

You see, the thing is I don't see why people think I have an ED aside from being a clinically underweight and not eating enough. It's not like I lost a lot of weight overnight, I just gradually lost my appetite and didn't realise I was eating so little until the doctor pointed it out. He said it wasn't healthy and I had to put on weight, so I put on weight. Agreed, changing my habits in order to fill in all what I was required to was stressful, but that's it. No drama, no relapses, no thoughts about how being severely underweight was better... Where's the ED? I honestly don't see it. I'm here to try to understand, but the more I read, the more I feel I was misdiagnosed. :-| However recently even my therapist is starting to wonder, apparently gaining weight without feeling horrible about myself and not having issues with eating out don't fit in well with my supposed anorexia. We'll see.