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Anyone else over 30?

I was diagnosed 20 years ago with anorexia. I was wondering if anyone else here is in a similar situation. I've found the long term effects of malnutrition make physical recovery so challenging at times (especially digestive and dental issues come to mind lately for me). Can anyone relate?


I am 46 years old, many dental implants. Had a rectal prolapse and some on going GI issues. however, as you can't have a top without a bottom, a front without a back, i also have now healthier relationships, more social confidence, greater freedom and peace with food and exercise and more self compassion. All things considered, life can get so much better. you are in good company here. nice to meet you!

I appreciate you sharing Mame

I appreciate you sharing Mame. I agree the benefits of recovery will outweigh the journey. Still, I get frustrated with the many digestive issues at times.

How long have you been

How long have you been recovered Mame if I may know? :)


Hi. My eating disorder started when I was 16. I am now 49. In the last six month I have been experiencing recovery. I am guessing it is six months. I understand the frustrations of being older and having an eating disorder as people usually associate it with being something for younger people have. I have developed chronic pancreatitis and some other minor issues. I almost died a few times. It is difficult to have an eating disorder at any age but it seems to be more difficult as we age. I hope this further discussion. I am sorry for your medical complications. Let us know how things are going iwanttolive

Nice to "meet" you

Nice to "meet" you iwanttolive. :)

good question

i have been in varying stages of recovery for a few years. i continue to get to deeper stages of recovery - def not in a straight line however!!!! i now view everyday as progress, no matter how it goes. the days that my moods or behaviors are not what i thought they would be are not wrong or bad, they are just not what i anticipated and they give me lots of information and things to think about. being curious about my choices and not judgmental has been immensely helpful. recovery continues to feel simple however far from easy!! day by day, step by step it gets easier however!!!

I agree with the thought "not

I agree with the thought "not a straight line". I think probably 99% of women in westernized societies have some disordered eating behaviors. Dieting, distorted body image, shame about eating something "bad", exercising to "work off" a meal, etc. It's a spectrum.

I just turned 50-Something w/ ED-NOS

I am still a persnickety eater of foods too.

I still count calories. I still need extra discipline to go into grocery store and pass up Certain Food Items.....

I still am trying to fit into styles that I would like to see myself wearing too.

I am still only a human/Female w/ wants and needs like most other people out there w/ similar mindedness.....

My background is different but I have some past hang ups too and am still kicking round the bathroom scale at least 1x per week too.

My parents and grand parents were all large European relatives so I feel even more challenged to keep my body size from taking over and giving in to giving up exercise or eating right, and for me personally this will always be a challenge and a healthy Living Goal for myself....

PS, for me it all began w/ my 1st pair of blue jeans, bras, and bathing suit measurement days...

I'm 35

My ED started at 8. My dad caused it. I'm finally becoming ok and comfortable Eating normally. I also didn't have friends. People always made fun of me for being fat, even when I wasn't. I also grew up in a diet type household.

What do you mean "my dad

What do you mean "my dad caused it"?


Physically forced me to throw up when I was 8.

45 now...almost 30 years of illness

Recovery is definitely a different beast when you're older and have been sick for a long time. Our lives are so much more complex and there are so many layers of experience to delve through in order to get healthy. Luckily, eating disorder treatment today is so much more advanced now. If I'd had access to the treatment team I have now I would have been recovered DECADES ago. Having the perspective that comes with being older is helpful too. It's easier (for me anyway) to avoid getting sucked into the day to day dramas that younger people have to cope with. I know the physical side of things is difficult. I've been lucky to only have minor (well...) issues up until recently (I don't purge so I've been spared a lot of issues). I try to use the physical symptoms to keep me motivated. E.g. I don't want to faint or have a heart attack while I'm helping my elderly parents into their wheelchair. I love my big dogs and want to be active with them so I need to get stronger so I can walk them without risk of falling (which wouldn't be good...osteoporosis). I guess I just want to say keep going. Keep trying.

I agree with so much of your

I agree with so much of your post. Could you please share some helpful strategies of your new treatment team?

I'm 31

I've been battling this since I was 11, never was in treatment, felt like I may have recovered for the past 5 years but since April have been back to my old self.... I don't know what the answer is lol


Hi. This is iwanttolive. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I can so identify with you in terms of felling like being behind the 8 ball. I am going to be 50 in a few months and when my mom and I went out to a diner she said you could pass for 8, because I wanted a child's menu, I was a bit shocked. Tag along me.....Anyways, just checking in to see how you are doing overall with the eating and the not feeling like you fit in because you lost so much time. With a lot of care, iwanttolive


Hi, I'm a new forum member, I have been suffering eating disorders for 18 years. This disorder didn't let me live my life as I would want.
I have some physical issues, but the most important ones for me are the psychological.
I live my life at home, I don't want to go out and I can't do it. I try everyday, saying to me: "I will do it today" but it doesn't. I can never achieve my goals I am always mentally tired, exhausted. This in not the life I want, has any of you have similar feelings or problems like mines?

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