National Eating Disorders Association

Annual report 2019

Helpline25,000+ contacts

Online ScreeningNearly 200,000 completed screenings

Walks94 walks and over 25,000 walkers

WebsiteOver 5.5 million visitors


NEDA hosted its first ever Weight Stigma Awareness Week on September 23 -27, 2019. Our goal was to help the broader eating disorders community understand why weight stigma should matter to everyone, not only those in higher weight bodies. Especially when it comes to eating disorders—all eating disorders—we, as a community, need to understand how weight stigma and weight discrimination affect people of all sizes, how it contributes to or exacerbates eating disorders in people of all sizes, and how we can all work together with a unified voice to eliminate stigma and discrimination based on body size. Learn more about weight descrimination and the awareness week here.

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NEDAcon is designed to bring together individuals and loved ones who are experiencing eating disorders or wanting to learn more about eating and body image issues. Our regional conferences are a great way to connect with others looking for information and support. In 2019, we hosted two regional conferences, one in Houston TX in March and followed by Seattle in October. The conferences succeeded in bringing the community together around shared experience and education.

Learn more about our upcoming NEDAcon here.

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Public Policy

2019 saw the launch of NEDA's full-service Public Policy Team, with the re-introduction of the LIVE Well Act, a Federal legislation that would help prevent eating disorders. NEDA's Public Policy Team also worked on several state and federal advocacy initiatives to address treatment, research and social issues related to eating disorders.

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