National Eating Disorders Association

Annual report 2019

Volunteer Spotlight

Orianna LaFlamme

Picking a volunteer to spotlight is like trying to pick your favorite child or pet. Every volunteer is unique and amazing and offers something special to the NEDA team. Volunteers are the pillar of the NEDA community. Without them we would not have the talent and capacity to serve the over 5 million people accessing our information and resources annually. Please take a minute to learn why Oriana LaFlamme, one of our long-term Helpline Volunteers continues to give her time and energy to NEDA. We hope this gives you insight into how special our volunteers really are.

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The annual gala is NEDA’s largest event every year, bringing over 400 people together from the real estate industry and the NEDA community, to raise over $1 million. We thank the gala co-chairs who worked tirelessly on making this year's gala the most successful NEDA gala to date. We were thrilled to honor Scott and Debbie Rechler with the Profile Leadership Award and 11 Honore,with the NEDA Inspires Seal of Approval Award. Learn more about our honorees and those who chose to support our 2019 gala to date.

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Thank you to our sponsors

As always, we are grateful for the continued support of our sponsors. We could not do the work we do without their commitment to NEDA and our community.

Meet our NEDA sponsors and our VIP Walk Sponsors.