National Eating Disorders Association

Annual report 2019

2019 was another successful year for NEDA. We continued to raise awareness for eating disorders and reached those in need. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week reached 304.3 million people via social media, the screening tool was completed over 145,000 times and our helpline answered the calls and chats of over 25,000 contacts. NEDA also took the time to figure out how to best meet the needs of our community. We began exploring different technology to assist our helpline run more efficiently and we are working with the original Body Project researchers on how NEDA can deliver a shortened program with similar outcomes to the longer form prevention program. NEDA also implemented a grant program for the NEDA Network Members to ensure funding goes to those who support our mission and to those who are doing the grassroots ground work. Lastly, NEDA cemented its dedication to reaching marginalized communities. We are honored to have merged with N.A.M.E.D (National Association for Men with Eating Disorders). Learn more about our merger here.