National Eating Disorders Association

Annual report 2017

Helpline26,588 contacts

Online Screening134,769 completed screenings in 2017

WalksOver 18,000 walkers in 82 cities and towns

WebsiteOver 3 million visitors

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) is the largest eating disorder awareness campaign in the U.S. The week is centered on engaging people across the U.S. to help NEDA spread awareness about eating disorders in their local communities, and to let those who are struggling know that they are not alone, that help and resources are available, and that recovery is possible. Our theme this year, Its Time to Talk about it, was a great success. We reached millions via social media. Our hashtag, #NEDAWARENESS, saw the following reach: Twitter: 47 million; Instagram: 235 million, Facebook: 2.6 million reached. We also had over 300 partner and supporting organizations spreading our message and over 30 buildings across the country lit up in blue and green in support of NEDAW and eating disorders. See the full list of buildings here. A special thanks to the Empire State Building for lighting up our headquarter city for NEDAW every year.

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Screening tool

Online Screening Tool

For those grappling with an eating disorder or disordered eating behaviors, our online screening tool is often times their first step when thinking about seeking additional help. The screening tool, a confidential, short survey is not a replacement for clinical evaluation but does assess the warning signs of an eating disorder. While we have had a form of an online screening tool on our site for quite some time, in 2017 we launched a new version of the screening tool that is more sensitive along the eating disorder spectrum. Additionally, the new screening tool allows NEDA to gather more data on such as how many people are concerned about their behaviors versus how many are seeking help for these same behaviors. This information will allow NEDA to better identify the resources needed. The screening had 134,769 completed screenings.

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NEDA is committed to supporting those who are struggling with or supporting a loved one with an eating disorder, as well as maintaining recovery. Our blog is one of our most prominent resources. In 2017, we revitalized our blog by making it more visually appealing, enhancing its search ability, and adding more content. We grew our community of blog contributors. Their diverse and rich experiences helps create a more inclusive, supportive, and vibrant resource for more people. Check out our blog here.

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