National Eating Disorders Association

Annual report 2015

So many lives have been touched by eating disorders. Yet despite their prevalence, the battle with these devastating illnesses can be isolating. At NEDA, we believe that community lights the way on the path to hope and healing—and our community is a powerful one. This year, individuals, families, friends and professionals came together to support each other at 60 NEDA Walks around the country and at our national conference. We raised our voices to advocate for better access to treatment and for education about eating disorders. We spoke up to bust myths and reduce stigma. We invested in innovative research to move closer to our vision of a world without eating disorders.

In this report, you'll see how our efforts made an incredible impact. NEDA volunteers successfully advocated for legislation to improve health care coverage. Thousands of people received support and treatment options through our Helpline and NEDA Navigators peer support program. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015 reached a record 44 million people with the message that help is here.

The strength of our community was evident this year as we mourned the loss of Lynn Grefe, who served as president and CEO of NEDA from 2003 until her passing in April. Lynn's leadership and passion will continue to echo throughout this organization, and through the countless individuals who were bolstered by her conviction that recovery is possible.

Possibility can be hard to hold on to in the midst of an eating disorder. As we grow our programs and reach, we thank new friends and longtime supporters for the opportunity to be guided by the possibilities of what lies ahead.

Claire Mysko


The NEDA staff has more than doubled in size since the organization's move to New York in 2011. This fiscal year, teamwork was in full effect as we added two new early intervention initiatives for teens and young adults, expanded our walks and grew our Helpline's remote volunteer program, allowing us to serve more people in need.

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Coordinating life-saving NEDA Walks. Providing instrumental support to helpline callers. Getting historic legislation passed in Missouri. Is there anything our volunteers can’t do?

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In Memoriam

Lynn Grefe fought to ensure that people with eating disorders, and those who care for them, have a voice. She will be greatly missed.

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