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Almost a week

It was tough yesterday and it's a little tough today. I am almost raging mad or in tears today but I can do it. I can do it. It's been five days binge and purge free or purge free almost making it a week and I really hope I can continue this progress further. I just hope I do. My other goal is to not take anymore diet supplements. I know I don't need them but my ED mind says I gotta have it is why I have a dependency on them. As of many times I have tried to flush them down the drain or toss them or just not go out and buy them.


On your success so far!! What are you going to do to reward yourself? Maybe spend the money you'd usually use on food to get a manicure pedicure. Or maybe go and paint pottery. Something fun. You got this! You are very strong. I myself have considered taking diet supplements.

Thanks hun. I'm not an expert

Thanks hun. I'm not an expert but as for words of encouragement to you I'm glad you're not considering taking supplements. As my experience is very unhealthy as I wish and plan to just stop myself. I may actually reward myself with a new dvd and something nice for my cat. She's been my therapy through anything and everything I had been through.

That's a good idea

I think that sounds like fun!!! My hubby and I have a kitty as well :-). I wish we could post pics of our animals on here, but know we can't. She's 2 years old. A tiger brown striped tabby. She's a rescue kitty :-). Aren't animals wonderful forms of therapy?? I am so blessed to have a kitty.

Yes they are wonderful. I

Yes they are wonderful. I have a tabby cat as well who is 9 months old. :-)

Thank you birdie22. It means

Thank you birdie22. It means a lot.


Hi Spaceyandsweet82,

I'm sorry you have been having a difficult time- but just wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you for not engaging in behaviors. I know it is so difficult to feel those feelings that arise- but I encourage you to let yourself do that. Cry, be angry. Do you journal at all? That could be really helpful in identifying and exploring your emotions. You are being so continuously strong in your recovery & I am so excited to support you as you keep pressing on. You CAN do this. Know I will be thinking of you. Keep us posted <3


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