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Almost Toppled Off The StairMaster Machine @ Gym This Eve???

I ate a nice dinner. Then rested after work , for a few hrs. Then I still felt tired, as I did have to do a few house chores of course, after work. So then I went to the gym, and did my usual workout. But, when I got on the exercise machine I almost Toppled off of the darn machine. Then my toes felt like they were broken so I stopped early and left. So discouraged feeling when I cant finish a complete workout after dinner and work all day.I do feel so tired. I wish I could just sleep in all day and NOT feel guilty about it either, or worry someone will come over mid day and find me at home and in bed. Ran out of my prescription sleep medicine and need to sleep so I just took some OTC medicine for my headache as we had a screamer at the gym tonight that gave me a headache shortly after I arrived there too.

Hi again 1Bluerose68!

Hi again 1Bluerose68!

I know how you feel about sleeping all day because I have experienced the same thing. Some days you just don't want to get out of bed! Hope you feel better!