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All I want to do

Is cry, use symptoms and disappear. I feel so disgusted by what my dad did and it is breaking my heart and me down. I feel broken, used and violated. I am reliving my childhood traumas that is making me want to purge and I'm trying not to. I'm emotionally drained. I had dessert, and that's making me not want to eat.

Thank you

That is so encouraging to hear, even if I know it already. I am just in a lot of pain and it isn't going away. I wish it were easier.

it does get easier hun trust

it does get easier hun trust me im 23 and have been threw very very simaler things when i was younger. yer its always in the back of your mind but tryndoing somthing to keep you from thinking it sounds hard but its quite easy when u put your mind into doing somthing if you get what i mean hun. atm im just finding it realy hard to cope woth the sight of food and cernten smells. :) just try and eat little bits hun then you will get there even if it is just a slice of toast of some cerial you gotta start sum were.

yes i do get what you mean

yes i do get what you mean hun. every one copes in therenown way i suppose. :)

Yes it does

If I did not have my husband in my life I would attempt suicide. Without him, life would be so much harder.


For now I am safe. I never thought I'd get married, considering all I've been through, but GOD blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. And he's also a very strong Christian.

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