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Ahhh Slept in This Morning and Caught up on My ZZZZZ

I have been feeling so exhausted lately from switching from pt to FT and working daily. This means awakening every single morning at 6AM and going to bed by 11PM . This is so tiring and then I had another job, very pt and was somewhat insulting to my intelligence too. So I finally quit that job and slept in most of this weekend. i will resume searching for a better pt job as soon as i regain my energy and mental ability to refocus once more. Yesterday was so tired that when i went to mail my letter of resignation to that stupid cafe job , i almost passed out while walking over to the mail box. It was a really scary feeling. I think i was not breathing well enough because i was thinking so much in retrospect about the job for the letter i was about to mail, before i almost passed out. I would have been so embarrassed too. Thank God i breathed in enough air and came back to my senses. Amen.....That job was really just an insult to my self esteem. They had bad managers and the employees were always jumping or blocking me from even doing my job, so what was the point even being there???

Sorry to hear that things

Sorry to hear that things haven't been going well for you. I hope that the next job will bring some positive things to you. It sounds like the last job was really rough for you. Don't let them make you feel down on yourself. You're trying your best, and working hard.

Good luck with the upcoming week!

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