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After Skin Problem , Now Afraid to Go to Work Tomorrow

I had to take 1 day off from work to heal thyself. Now I am due back tomorrow and feeling really anxious about returning to job as a Dining Room Hostess/Custodian. I just feel afraid of these germs and am not sure how i p/u 2 huge pimples on 2 separate parts of my body( chest and face) last week. So I am not sure if I am overly sensitive to germs and in the wrong line of work? Or if this happened taking out the trash at home as well. Not knowing how something happened to me scares me more than knowing how I got myself into a health situation. I also teach , on call, and have never had this germ problem in my 25 years of teaching , as far as skin conditions go , that is? I hate feeling insecure. I dont even have enough work hours but am still kind of becoming acquainted with my work routine so haven't really made it an issue , but really did apply for at least 15 hrs per week. Not sure what to do/ Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear things haven't

Sorry to hear things haven't been going smoothly for you, especially with your new job. I'm not sure about your questions about skin conditions - might be something to see a doctor about? Good luck for the upcoming week - I hope it goes better!

Work Anxiety Survived Today, worked PM shift

I did ok today returning to work. It was hot today and i worked the PM shift. Everything seemed to go well. I avoided the really messy chores and focused on the ones w/ least exposure to germs and did the best I could while skin is recovering. I now have a giant zit under my nose and its taking 4ever to heal. Went off medication and noticed some changes. It made me too lazy too Im takink things up a notch. Now I feel like I have more energy. I haven't been sleeping at night but expect a rebound effect in a few nights. I wonder if i can just stop taking my anti anxiety rx abruptly w/o tapering off, was up to 1.5 per day at night. I just feel more in control not on a lazy Drug. Im naturally like Quick Silver w/o it. Havent had my period for almost 2 months now and really dont even miss it. I feel so much better and more liberated w/o it.

Hi 1fishygal68

I'm glad work was better today. Regarding your medication, i think it would be best to consult your doctor. Sometimes abruptly stoping medication can have some side effects. Hope things get better!


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