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Afraid of stopping burning and restriction

Hi there!!! I have been in Ana recovery for about 6 months and have been on a meal plan of 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, yet I compulsively excersise! I constantly have to be moving throughout the day! My dietician has said I should stop but I'm so scared if I completely stop I'm gonna spike on this meal plan and keep gaining and gaining...or could I stop completely and eventually maintain on this amount? I want to stop so bad but I'm just terrified that I'll have to go to smaller portions because I'm burning,...will my metabolism ever normalize or will I be stuck in this HAVING to burn in order to stay on this meal plan? Or can I completely stop cold turkey and still eat the same amount? Is it too late??

I mainly want to stop completely and eat the same amount but I'm afraid by stopping the weight will just keep coming on and coming on....

Plus I have had digestion issues and I'm terrified that since I'm not going that often, it's being stored as fat

Any insight on any of the topics above or metabolism and how it works will greatly be appreciated!


Hi there, and welcome to the forum. I am glad you reached out, as it can be scary. Congratulations on six months of recovery. Even in recovery we still have to say no to ED and choose to make to better choices where before recovery we would just give in to ED So congratulations Now it is the head chaos if I am hearing you correctly. One thing I am not sure about is the burn. Are you talking about self harm or burning calories? I think if you are honest with your dietician about how much exercising you are doing/want to do or not do, in relationship to how many meals or snacks you need to eat, that it is something to explore with her. Maybe she will do some experimental trials and determine based on what you report to her what you did in terms of exercise she can manipulate your meal plan and see what happens with you meal plan. I do not believe she will let you spike up and up. She is there to help you find a plan to prevent that and to help you find a comfortable idea of what your body can handle. Do you trust your dietician? That is very important. I over exercised and hurt my body and I believe that is the reason I have such bad pain in my body, especially my back. Exercising while undernourished is or can be dangerous. I know how scary the fear of gaining weight is. I have been there where gaining even the tiniest amount was terrifying. What I am learning is that old cliché, I am not what I weigh, people love me for who I am, or people don't like me not because of my weight but because they just don't like me. This is difficult to accept, especially when it is family. If you can get to the point where you trust what your dietician is wanting you to do, ask her the questions you posted here, ask you medical doctor about the digestive issues, there is help, hope and recovery is possible. You know that because you have been walking in it. But full and total recovery, from our thinking to how we view food and how we feel about ourselves. HOPE Always believe in Hope. I hope this helped some. iwanttolive