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Advice Needed for recovery.

I really would like some help of one of you guys here on the forum.
3 years ago I got diagnosed with anorexia which was a hard time for myself and my family around me to be totally honest my dietician was really poor and didn't offer any real advice or support on the nutrition my body needed for recovery and to get It back to its working state, Anyway after 12months of recovery I got back to a healthy weight this is where the binges started and I found it really hard to cope with so I began a vicious cycle of binging and exercising while using laxatives on occasion, for the past 12months I dropped my calories down to an amount which in my eyes was a relapse. 2 months ago I started to increase my and now I cant stop eating food. is this a normal part of my body and that is finally starting to recover? I've stopped my calorie counting and eased up on the exercise which I do enjoy with my friends but I think for the time being its best to ease up on that.
Is binging a normal part of the process of recovery I find myself never full or hungry and can always eat.
Any help and advice would be superb, Thanks.

Hey, would you ever consider

Hey, would you ever consider telling your story to someone who may want to write about it? totally anonymous...



You seem to be very in touch with yourself and committed to recovery, which is awesome! The fact that you are self-intuitive enough to ease up on exercise because you think it may be problematic for you right now is so inspiring.

Going back to what you asked, I think it is very common for people in anorexia recovery to binge on occasion, because you are still learning how to adjust to new habits and thought processes and body signals. However, binging can become dangerous if it becomes triggering or leads to poor body image, which can then start a binge-restriction cycle. I recommend that you see a new dietician who can come up with a plan to fit your needs. You can explain your history and how you are eating now and he/she will have a professional answer as to whether or not what you are doing is "normal." If you call NEDA's helpline, they can get you in touch with resources in your area that would be helpful to you. Their hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (EST), at 1-800-931-2237.

I am so proud of you for being so committed to recovery and for reaching out - you deserve a happy and ED-free life and I wish you all the luck and strength in the world xx

Your mind body and soul need you

Good day and Blessings to all. I have been dealing with emotional bingeing and purging. I used to beat myself up mentally with shame and regret. Now I am educating myself on the seriousness of this unhealthy coping cycle. I ceased my bingeing and purging episodes for a year or so until recently. As my grandmothers dementia worsen, family cohesion crashing, anxiety increases, and for some reason I have the worst negative thinking that does not seem to come from my heart but it's very judgemental. I start to feel drained mentally and even physically at times. B/P does not make it better as a way of coping. It will only deteriorate the mind body and soul. I understand that i have to fix the root of this cycle to heal completely. Pain is okay. Suppression is not. Understand that there are deeper consequences than emotional regret. The physical damage can be life threatening. My body needs me to get a grip and extract this demon. My mind needs me to free it from chains of regret. My soul needs me to nourish it with peace. I need me to Love My Existence more. We all do. Now let your healing begin