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Advice on Filmmaking Project after undergoing CBT

Hi all,

After 7 or 8 years of dealing with issues around food and eating by myself, this year, after getting married and being encouraged by my wife, I went to a doctor and eventually started Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
I'm 23 and from the UK, and have recently moved to NY for one year to study my Masters.

My difficulties are specifically around guilt with eating, and have previously lead me to severe under eating, vomiting and eventually giving myself a stress fracture in my hip by denying my body enough nutrition and calories.

After 6 months on crutches and meeting my now wife, I'm in a much better place and was persuaded to go to the doctor to avoid this happening again. After 3 visits and refusing anti-depressants, I was sent to a mental health worker and started CBT. Unfortunatley this process took so long, after 2 sessions I had to leave the UK and come here.

I'm a young filmmaker and MFA documentary student. I'm hoping to start a conversation and get some feedback on the issue of filmming individuals after or during treatment.

I've struggled in the past to find films on mental illness easy to relate to, and I've wanted for some time to make projects that if I was watching them, could help me and that I could relate to.

I've read the website's 'sharing your story responsibly' and hope to hear from some people on their thoughts on eating disorders portraid on screen, as well as ensuring that filming with someone would not be dangerous or insensitive.

I would hope that using a camera with someone who I have a genuine relationship and mutual respect/trust for, we could make something helpful for others and share someone's story.

Please do comment your thoughts




Hi. Welcome to the forum. I am myself am in new recovery, into my ninth month. I used to be very self destructive with behaviors and self harm. I was very ill and it took me thirty years to be at the place where I am now.

My former dietician has a friend that films her, she goes all over the world to give talks and to continue her knowledge on eating disorders. He friend and my dietician are working with me to do a documentary. We have been working on it for a year but I had a fall and that halted the process a bit. I had to filmings and I hate the video camera but I want to let people out there that recovery is possible and to honor God for what He is doing in my life now. So I am soon going to have my parent's interviewed to say what it was like to have a daughter suffer so much and their fear of me dying. I came close several times.

So tell me more about your ideas. It is a sensitive topic as we don't want to cause others to pick up on anything we did that was harmful and have them learn something that they haven't struggled with and then "learn" a new trick and hurting their recovery. So I really understand that. I would be interested in hearing more about what your ideas are on this topic.