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Hi! I'm new and figured that maybe this could help me stay away from relapsing back into my eating disorder. Anyways, I was looking for any advice on how to deal with lapsing back into old habits. I've been catching myself consuming less and less food daily and trying to fit back into old calorie restrictions. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to handle this and prevent it from happening.

One of the best things you

One of the best things you can do is get help for yourself. Whether that be through a nutritionist or therapist who specializes in eating disorders, you should seek someone out. It's hard to go through recovery on your own, and you don't have to! There are many people who know just how to help you. You can also call the NEDA helpline if you just need to talk.
Other than that, find things to help distract you from thoughts about ED activities and food in general. Find hobbies that interest you, and maybe even discover a new passion. Don't think about what you used to do, and try not to dwell on past behaviors. Focus on the present and what you need now. You know what you need, so don't worry about it when you give your body the nutrition it deserves!
Stay strong!

Hi Omh131 and Welcome to the

Hi Omh131 and Welcome to the Forum! This is the perfect place to come for support, help, and advice!

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling, but I think it is amazing that you came to the forum for advice. Recovery can be tough, but it is possible! It is important that you remember that and stay hopeful. I've found that writing my thoughts, feelings, and triggers that lead to relapsing in a journal is also a helpful way to handle and prevent a relapse from happening again. It is also important that you have a therapist or a professional that you can talk to and seek help from. If you do not have a professional to talk to, the volunteers at the NEDA Helpline can help you find resources in your area. They can be reached at 1-800-931-2237 (Monday-Thursday, 9am-9pm; Friday, 9am-5pm) and at In addition to helping you find resources, the volunteers can offer you support in a judgement free environment. Here are some links you might find helpful:

Recovery and Relapse Prevention:
Slips, Lapses, and Relapses:

Remember, you are beautiful and strong! You can do this! You are not alone! Continue to post of the forum whenever you can because we are all here to support you.

dont worry!

you have so much power in you to recover, and just keep up the good work, sometimes we all have a lapse, what is important is not to focus or be fearful on doing so, it is a hurdle in your journey, always keep going, dont give in, if you do, there are all of these people on this site and more places that are willing to give you support. i have relapsed previously and at first it can feel like failure, but its not its just a learning curve and a test, fight it, you are stronger then you think, in fact we all are really. just remember your body is a vessel that is working wonders to keep you alive and going think of how much it has served you and does for you and appreciate it! its never easy recovery but the outcome is freedom and you are getting there, you are still here today, which says something! just forgive yourself and be ready to keep on going! never give up, you are worth the/ your efforts! if you feel worried or vulnerable there are many out there to support you and help to their best

Thank you!

Thanks so much y'all! I really appreciate the advice and support!

I just want to echo all that

I just want to echo all that has been said so far. These are amazing comments and is one of the reasons I keep coming here.

I think really, you've already started to help yourself. A) You are noticing what you are (or are not) eating and b) you're coming here to ask what the next step is. I think that's brilliant and shows that you have already made the biggest step of overcoming old habits. It's so easy to slip back into them and you have said a great big NO. Well done!

I too have started to notice myself cutting back in small ways and I guess what I would say to us both is to keep going! Look forward not backwards. The future can be scary but it can bring us to much better places and make us much stronger as people. Food fuels the wonderful life you are living. You deserve the loving nourishment which allows you to wake up each day and say YES to health.

On a practical level, maybe you could keep a food diary for a bit to notice ways in which you are cutting down. It's difficult to know by instinct sometimes whether something is a healthy portion or not so maybe seek out a second opinion, be it professional or otherwise. You don't have to do this alone :)

Have a fantastic day and remember you are amazing.
Much love, KD.