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Yesterday I was in a really bad car accident. I'm ok, but a little soreness. I could have gone through the front windshield, but I was wearing a seatbelt. We are also insured, so that helps.

Good to know that you are

Good to know that you are safe. :-)

Thank you

It was really scary. I'm sore today, and I have been having negative thoughts about myself, but I'm trying to fight it. It's really hard to fight these beliefs, but I'm trying really hard to fight.


I am soooooooooo happy to hear you were wearing your seat belt and that you are okay. And for the insurance. I thank God you are okay. It is scary having an accident. wish you the best in finding another suitable car that meets your needs. I know finances are tight. Keep us posted on how you are feeling. iwanttolive

Thank you

My husband helped keep me from doing something foolish last night. I have some cuts and bruises, but that will heal over time.

Were you driving?

I have been in the front seat as a passenger while a motorcycle collided and side swiped front of my friends car so I know that is a really frightening trauma to happen.

Some how I feel more in control at the wheel. I feel like I drive more carefully after that 1st accident.

My front chest hit the car's glove compartment and almost split open. I was scared. I even had told my ex to pull over b4 it happened because I heard the motorcycle speeding from below a hill and around a snake turn.

But he ignored me and kept driving.

Some things I say really do happen.