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Accepting Your Body

i just started treatment a month ago for binge eating disorder. i am used to taking off weight very quickly when i want, but now that i've started treatment, i cannot resort to my old unhealthy habits. i have a hard time in the morning when i have to get dressed and my clothes don't fit and when i see myself in the mirror. it's also very difficult feeling the extra weight on my body. my therapist and nutritionist say that my body will come to it's natural weight over time. is there anyone out there who has experienced this? how long will it take for my body to respond to the healthful changes? i haven't binged all week and have started going for daily walks but my body doesn't look or feel any different. i am losing patience.
thanks in advance.


Congratulations on your success and I'm proud of you for seeking treatment. My wife didn't suffer from binge eating, but had a great deal of difficulty (still does to a much less degree) with body image. When she was "refeeding", all the new weight went to one place. She felt extremely uncomfortable, but stuck with it. She too wanted to know when "things would settle into place." Professionals would only tell her that everyone's body is different and works on its own schedule. Would she have wished it didn't take as long as it did, absolutely. But, even if it took only 2 hours, that still would have been too long. The frustration you feel is common for everyone who has gone through a similar process before you. If they could do it, so can you. Stick with it. You have no idea who I am, nor I you, but I'm standing on the sidelines cheering you on your journey. Something I read during the recovery process has stuck with me and I think it's apropos; Practice does not make perfection, practice is perfection. Just keep practicing what you know is the healthy thing for you. Congratulations on taking the biggest and most difficult step; seeking treatment. Go notperfect, you rock!

I'm Proud of YOU

Dear Notperfect -

First of all, I want to say I am proud of you for getting help for your binge eating disorder and realizing that resorting to old habits is not the best idea. Frustration is a normal part of the recovery process - you are not alone! One idea may be to find something that helps relieve these feelings of anxiety - writing in a journal, doing something creative or simple talking to a confidant. Another resource that may be helpful is the Stories of Hope on the NEDA website at You may just be able to relate to the stories others tell of suffering with their ED and the joy of recovery. Also, please feel free to call the NEDA helpline at 1-800-931-2237 if you ever need someone to talk to or help you through moments of ED behavior temptations.

If you need more resources or help, let us know! And thank you, diefledermaus, for your positive encouragement to notperfect!

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